Illustrations & Animations

Our main product is to give our customer high quality 3D animations for internal and promotional use. We provide in-house workshops to provide you with a hand’s on planning and design sessions.

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Concept Development

CIA’s long experience developing conceptual rig design for the offshore industry, coupled with our expertise in 3D modelling and animation, gives us the edge to streamline new designs in an a efficient and affordable way for your company.

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RIGBOX is the future of 3D visualisation. Custom build, interactive model to suit you and your company needs. A World Class Alternative to expensive simulators available in the offshore industry today.

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Concept Illustrastions & Animation AS

May be the only 3D visualization company in the world with drilling personnel with more than 40 years of extensive operational experience within offshore drilling, engineering and design. CIA is project oriented company – which exploit the speed, and flexibility a small company naturally has. CIA systematically invests in the skills of our employees and 'state of the art' technology.
Concept Illustration & Animation (CIA) was established in Stavanger, Norway, in 1996. Establishing itself alongside the technological revolution in digital computer aided design, modelling and animation of the 1990’s, the company has expanded gradually, attracting a select pool of talented employees. Creating a combination of modern animation and visual effects and extensive relevant operational experience within offshore drilling, engineering and design.