Our main product is to give our customer high quality 3D simulations for internal and promotional use. We provide in-house workshops to provide you with a hand’s on planning and design sessions.

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CIA’s long experience developing conceptual rig design for the offshore industry, coupled with our expertise in 3D industrial visualization and animation, gives us the edge to streamline new designs in an a efficient and affordable way for your company.

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RIGBOX is the future of 3D visualisation. Custom build, LICENSE FREE, 3D interactive model solution to suit you and your company needs. A World Class Alternative to expensive simulators available in the offshore industry today.

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CIA AS: 3D visualization & simulation

Preparation of a project for the mining industry, especially for needs of companies involved in the marine mining at drilling platforms, requires a certain knowledge and experience. The CIA AS Group has an excellent preparation and knowledge gained during long years of work on this kind of platforms. This ensures that all of our projects are functional and meet the real needs of our customers. 3D simulations let us prepare a visualization of the project.

3D simulation is an innovative solution by which the customer has the possibility of looking at the proposal of the project. The tools used within the 3D simulation method allows to perfectly fit the project to customer’s expectations. Industrial visualization is not only about aesthetics – the modern tools used by professional designers at the CIA AS give the opportunity to manage the platform and all the related operations.

3D interactive model - modern form for presentation of project

The modern tools used at the CIA AS allow to develop strategies bringing the highest benefits for our customers. An excellent fit to expectations of our client gives the opportunity to provide the most effective execution of orders. In order to present the project to the customer we use a 3D interactive model by which it becomes possible to create a 3D visualization, taking into account all of the aspects expected by the client.

The 3D animation prepared by our team can present all the work carried out on the platforms and the functioning of specifics systems and elements. 3D interactive model allows to present the full capabilities of the platform. It can be used as material for investors, partners and customers in the form of a 3D movie. Every 3D simulation is prepared on the basis of customer’s expectations, taking into account the rich experience of our team. High professionalism and application of the newest technological solutions in the area of design let us propose the highest quality 3D simulations and animations to all of our customers.