We may be the only 3D visualization company in the world with drilling personnel that have more than 40 years of extensive operational experience within offshore drilling, engineering and design. CIA AS is organized around a small unit – mainly project oriented – which exploits the speed, and flexibility a small company naturally has.

Our software’s main advantage, compared to an engineering software, is the efficiency at which we can model and then animate structurs to determine if the arrangement and layout can be optimized, and then quickly implement.

Typical projects that we work on could be anything from a pure visualization of an offshore vessel just based on existing drawings or photographs, concept development work based on a sketch, all the way through to final as-built design and visualization.

New technologies enables us to see in new direction of interactive models for customers seeking 3D tools tailored at their own specifications. RIGBOX is an interactive model solution where the user can freely explore and interact with a 3D model of a conceptual or finished project.