One of the services provided by the CIA are drone movies. In addition we can provide post production services that includes camera tracking and overlay of 3d conceptual model over actual real movie recording.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (DRONES) , have revolutionized the way films can be taken. We are providing those services for OIL&GAS, Aquaculture, Defense, and Urban/Construction related industries. Drone filming of a site and then overlay a 3D model of the future modified unit, enables our clients to visualize future units/installations/buildings and their modifications from a highly realistic aerial view that has until recently been impossible. All this has changed with the arrival of drone filming.

In post-production we are using 3D modelling software - 3D integration then allows us for photorealistic 3D renderings of modified units, which provides the client with the closest approximation of how the final modifications will appear and how it will interact with its surrounding environment.