Using renewables brings advantages and opportunities, ranging from environmental to socio-economic and political.
Renewable energy sources include solar power, wind turbines, bioenergy, geothermal energy, marine energy and hydropower.
Concept Illustration & Animation supports renewable industry with wide range of services that allows them to visualize their concepts in very realistic way:

-3D animations and illustrations (technical, marketing, patents)
-Virtual Reality interactive applications,
-Interactive 360 web-based viewers
-Assistance in concept development.


Santa's Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

From all of us to all of you,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2023 - The offshore wind industry, a globally booming market, drives forward the sustainable developments and fosters innovation. PALFINGER MARINE serves the wind business with an extensive range of products for substations, wind mills, wind farm service operation vessels, and wind farm supply vessels. Check out the complete portfolio in the video!

OEG Renewables
2023 - OEG Renewables offer a wide range of Topside, Vessels and Subsea services including project management, engineering, installation and maintenance. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide a customised solution.


2023 - The Future of Smart Mobility is here. When journeys matter, the Artemis EF-12 Escape will get you there quickly, safely and in comfort. Whether it’s a short city hop from business meeting to business meeting, or the beginning and end of that well-earned luxury vacation, the high-end water taxi has been designed to make sure passengers arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.


2023 - Enhydra Modular Service and Operations Vessel. Offshore wind is going in search of higher and more consistent wind speeds, leading the industry to go further offshore where they are located. This more challenging environment needs a new, more robust strategy to help install, connect, and maintain these turbines.The Enhydra MSOV has these capabilities.


2023 - Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS). The PALFINGER MARINE Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS) is a 3D compensated passenger and cargo transfer system, designed and prepared for marine applications based on motion and environmental conditions.


2022 - Learn how Cranemaster can contribute to the challenges during feeding WTG (Wind Turbine Generator) components by feeder vessel/barge to a jack-up installation vessel.


2022 - To improve safety and efficiency of customers’ lifting operations during regular maintenance of offshore wind turbines, PALFINGER has launched the PF crane range, a renewed series of wind cranes.


2022 - GustoMSC's ENSIS heavy lift crane vessel series addresses the needs of the growing offshore wind foundation market. With monopiles and jackets increasing in size and weight and the continuous need for efficiency in installation, a new generation of vessels is needed.

Artemis Technologies

2022 - 3D animation introducing the Artemis EF-24 Passenger, our 100% electric passenger ferry designed to make a difference without making waves.


2022 -Sjøhest Wind Blade Installation solution - Like the seahorse’s unique and strong grasping tail enabling it to resist ocean currents, Sjøhest connects itself to the tower, creating an aligned movement for safe and efficient blade installation.

Artemis Technologies

2022 - 3D animation of innovative and unrivalled Artemis eFoiler® technology powering the world's first 100% electric, foiling workboat range.

MJR Controls Ltd

2022 - MJR Power & Automation Offshore Wind On-Turbine Vessel Charging System.


2022 - The Steady Top Feeder Vessel is a state-of-the-art solution for the transportation and feedering of offshore wind turbines.

Seaway 7

2022 - Seaway 7 Turbine Loadout and Installation Animation

BAR Technologies

2021 - BARTech WindWings 3D animation.

2021 Offshore Wind Turbine Evolution 1991 to 2024
This is a 3D animation intended to show the growth of the size and output of Offshore Wind Turbines from 1991 and then jump to 2020-2024. It includes the Bonus (now SIEMENS Gamesa) B35 0.45 MW, MHI Vestas V164 - 9.5 MW, General Electric Haliade X 12 MW, and SEIMENS Gamesa SG 14-222 DD 14 MW wind turbines and compares them to the size of the Eiffel Tower.

2021 - Hywind Installation Animation

2020 Offshore Renewable Energy Showreel Animation

The China Rescue Service (CRS)

2020 - Flyaround animation of CRS fleet.


2021 - The GustoMSC NG-16000X-SJ offshore wind turbine installation jack-up vessel design for Dominion Energy will be constructed by Keppel AmFELS . It is the first Jones Act-compliant vessel of its kind.


2019 - The GustoMSC NG-20000X with telesopic crane is the solution for the installation of the next generation wind turbine components and foundations.


2019 - Japan’s Shimizu Corporation seeks to increase offshore wind power construction capacity by building an offshore wind farm construction vessel. CIAas made an animation for Shimizu through GustoMSC.


2019 - Japan’s Shimizu Corporation is building an offshore wind farm construction vessel with a telecopic crane. CIAas made an animation for Shimizu through GustoMSC.


2019 - GustoMSC NG-1800XL jack-up design, making shallow water accessible.


Animation made in 2009 of Seafox 5 installing wind turbine foundation and trasition piece